Academic Resources

College is an exciting time that comes with many unique opportunities and challenges. We offer a wide variety of resources to support your success and help you navigate these challenges! Not sure where to start? Explore the options below or schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Warrior Success Center!


EDUC 115

EDUC 115 is a fun, inter-active and practical course. This course meets once a week and is designed for students on academic warning or probation. This course will help you identify personal and academic barriers so you can tackle them head-on!

If you take this course, you will learn and explore:

  • Your own motivation level, academic strengths and challenges
  • If your major fits with your strengths, personal and professional goals
  • How to manage your time, how to take good notes and other study strategies
  • Resources such as tutoring, writing center, math lab, counseling services and much more!

If you think this class may help you reach your academic goals, contact Jean Bellman for more information.


If you want to know how repeating a class may improve your GPA, or what grades you need this semester to get back in good standing, check out this GPA Calculator.  If you want help using the calculator, call Advising Services at 507.457.5878 or schedule an appointment with an advisor.


Access Services Maxwell 314
Advising Services Maxwell 314
Career Services Maxwell 314
Counseling Services Integrated Wellness 222
Inclusion and Diversity Kryzsko Commons 236
International Student Office Kryzsko Commons 233
TRIO: Student Support Services Library 219
Tutoring Services Library 220
Writing Center Minne 348