GPA Calculator

This page is intended for your general information. This is not connected with the Registrar's office or with your records in any way and will not give you "official" information. These calculators will work upon information that you provide and is merely a tool meant for your personal use. If you need assistance with calculating your GPA please call Advising Services at 507.457.5878.

Step 1 To calculate your semester gpa enter in the letter grade you anticipate earning (A,B,C,D, F) and the semester credit hours of each course (1,2,3,4). When you have entered all your current courses in, hit the calculate button.

Step 2 After you have entered your current semester estimated grades in and calculated them, it is possible to estimate your new cumulative gpa. You will need to know your current cumulative gpa and your current cumulative earned credits. You can access this information from your academic record available in web registration.


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GPA* Credit Hours*
* Enter your cumulative GPA prior to this semester, as well as the total number of earned credit hours earned prior to this semester. When you click the calculate button, your new cumulative GPA will be displayed, based on your previous GPA and this semester's GPA.


Target GPA Calculator

This calculator will tell you what GPA you will need for your next semester, year, etc. to reach a GPA goal. You just need to know your current GPA (from you academic record) and the number of credit hours you've already earned. Then choose a target GPA and a number of credit hours in which to attain that target (ex. 15 credits if you wish to attain that gpa next semester)!


Current GPA

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Goal GPA

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Course-Repeat GPA Calculator

The calculator below will allow you to compute the effect of retaking a course with the new grade replacing the original one.

Here you need to know your current GPA and the number of credit hours you've completed, and, of course, the number of credit hours and the two grades (as always, you can input either upper- or lower-case grades) for the course in question.


Current GPA

Current Credit Hours

Repeated Course Credits

Original Course Grade 

New Course Grade