PSEO Information

Minnesota PSEO

Minnesota high school juniors or seniors may be eligible to take courses at a Minnesota state college/university for dual high school and college credit through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program. PSEO students receive tuition, fees and books at no cost to them. If living on campus, normal room and board costs apply.


To participate at WSU, juniors need

  • top 15% class rank OR
  • 3.77 overall high school grade point average OR
  • 26 ACT composite or higher

Seniors need

  • top 25% high school class rank, OR
  • 3.50 overall high school grade point average, OR
  • 25 ACT composite or higher

Submit these documents to WSU Admissions by May 1 for Fall term or Nov 15 for Spring

  • You must also apply online to WSU. Contact Kim Gresham at or 507.457.5102 with questions about the WSU application.
  • MN Dept. of Education Notice of Student Registration Form. Get this from your high school counselor. PSEO must be approved by a high school official before submitting to WSU.
  • Official high school transcript
  • ACT score report (if using this for criteria)

Continuing PSEO students must re-apply for every term of enrollment, meet original standards, and keep good academic standing at WSU. Participating in PSEO does not automatically ensure WSU enrollment after high school graduation; a normal freshman application process is required.

Course Availability:

PSEO Students

  • are eligible to enroll in most general education/lower level courses at WSU; however, PSEO is a space available program, which means that PSEO students are not allowed to add (“blue-card”) closed classes.
  • must meet regular course pre-requisites.
  • may not take remedial or developmental courses (English 099 and Math 050), or other courses with an additional course fee of $50 or more. A list of these courses is available on the webpage at the link below.

Advising and Registration:

PSEO Students

  • must reapply for admission each semester.
  • register after all matriculating students have had the opportunity to register.
  • must meet with an advisor from the Warrior Success Center prior to each registration.
  • Full-time PSEO students may not take more than 18 credits at WSU.


  • PSEO students are not charged for expenses such as tuition and fees (activity, lab, field trip, etc.). See Q & A below for more information about materials and supplies.

PSEO and High School Graduation Requirements:

  • The student is responsible for understanding requirements specific to their high school including but not limited to credit/course equivalencies and graduation requirements. Students must report their academic progress to the high school and all changes (adding or dropping classes), and outcomes (passing/failing/withdrawal from a class) by requesting a WSU transcript be sent to the high school each semester. Failure to complete a course in the PSEO program may affect high school graduation eligibility.

More Information/Resources

Math/English Placement Information

PSEO Checklist (PDF)

PSEO Textbook Procedures (PDF)

MN Department of Education PSEO Information 

Courses Not Available to PSEO Students (PDF)

No, because the PSEO program is a space available program.

A PSEO full-time student is recommended to take 12 credits. 16 credits is considered average for full time, and 18 credits is the maximum for full-time PSEO students.

No. Expenses normally charged to students such as tuition and fees (activity, application, lab, field trip, etc.) are charged to the program. The WSU Bookstore will provide materials and supplies necessary for minimal participation (i.e. textbooks, workbooks, lab manuals, and study guides). These materials must be returned to the Bookstore after the course in which they are required has been completed for that semester.

PSEO students who are taking 12 credits or more will be provided with a laptop in order to fulfill the laptop requirement of their tuition. If a PSEO student is taking less than 12 credits, they may participate in the laptop program by paying the standard fee.

PSEO students must meet with an advisor prior to each registration. 

No. Students must report their academic progress to their high school, along with all changes and outcomes (pass or fail, add or drop) by requesting a transcript be sent to their high school each semester. Fill out a transfer request form in order to have your transcripts sent and bring it to your advising meeting.

Check the Web Registration (from the WSU Homepage, click on Resources, then eServices) often to see if there are any open courses. The course will be listed as "Open" under the "Status" column.

No. PSEO students will be responsible for checking with their high school to ensure that the WSU course will satisfy the high school's requirement.