Withdraw Checklist


Thinking about withdrawing from a class? There may be a better option.

First, make sure you know the difference between dropping and withdrawing and look up the deadlines for your specific class in Student eServices. Then consider the following before making your decision:


Finish the Class with Extra Effort & Support

If you feel that you can still pass the class, this may be the best option. Talk to your professor to help you accurately assess your progress in the class so far and the likelihood of your passing.

Tutoring offered by the department or by Tutoring Services can help you persevere in a challenging class. Take advantage of Supplemental Instruction if available for your class.

You might still have time to use these resources in an effort to improve your grade


Know the Consequences of Withdrawal

Withdrawing from a class will negatively affect your credit completion rate, which could impact your academic status. In order to remain in good academic standing, students must pass 66.66% of all credits attempted.

If you are receiving financial aid, you must also maintain a credit completion rate of 66.66% or better.

If you are a student athlete, talk to your coach about whether or not withdrawing from a class will affect your eligibility to participate in athletics.

If this class is required for your major or minor, you will likely have to repeat the class if you withdraw. Some academic programs have specific requirements about how often courses can be repeated.

Talk to your advisor to determine whether this is the case for your class


Determine if Withdrawing Makes Sense for You

One advantage of dropping a class and receiving a “W” grade is that your GPA will not be negatively affected.

If you do withdraw from the class and know that you will need to repeat it, consider asking the instructor if you can continue to sit in on the class. This will allow you to cover the material a second time when you repeat the course.

There may be other individual circumstances that you should also consider, so speak to your academic advisor about your decision to drop a class.

If you have any doubts or concerns, don’t hesitate to meet with an academic advisor in the Warrior Success Center. We are here to help.

Other helpful campus resources include:

  • Financial Aid for questions about your financial aid award and eligibility
  • Tutoring Services for help understanding course topics and concepts
  • Counseling Services for support with personal or mental health issues that might be affecting your academic success