Confidential Advocate for Victims of Violence & Discrimination

The WSU confidential advocate offers free and confidential services to WSU students.

This means that what you choose to share and discuss with our advocate, stays with our advocate.

Talk About Options With or Without Making an Official Report

As a confidential resource on campus, our advocate can help you explore your options without or before making an official report.

When you meet with the advocate, they will

  • Listen without judgement
  • Explain all of the options available to you
  • Help you understand the potential outcomes of each option

After you decide which option is best for you, our advocate will provide guidance, resources and referrals.

Reach Out for Support

Contact the WSU advocate by email at or telephone at 507.457.2956. You can also text them at 507.470.0403.

If you are in crisis and the WSU advocate is unavailable, or you would feel more comfortable speaking to someone off campus, please contact the Advocacy Center of Winona through their 24-hour free and confidential hotline at 507.452.4453.

If you have an emergency and you are comfortable doing so, please call 911.

More Campus Support Options

Many of these services are by appointment only.
 Additionally, it is your right to have a support person with you when you speak to or meet with Title IX and/or security. If you would like help making an appointment, or you would like a support person, please contact the WSU advocate.
Type Support Services
Counseling Services Confidential Resource
  • crisis counseling sessions
  • on-going mental health support
  • community referrals for long-term services
Health Services Confidential Resource
  •  STI testing
  • emergency contraception
  • physical exam by a SANE nurse to collect evidence in cases of sexual assault
Title IX Coordinator 
Private Resource
  • filing formal and informal complaints
  • campus accommodations due to violence or harassment
Campus Security Mandatory Reporter On-campus escort services