Respectful Workplace Policy

Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB), the state agency charged with developing and implementing workplace policies for the executive branch of state government, takes the position that HR/LR Policy #1432 Respectful Workplace applies to all executive branch employees. This includes employees of colleges and universities of Minnesota State.

Like most other colleges and universities, Winona State University previously expected respectful workplace behaviors of its employees and the majority of employees already complied.

MMB’s Respectful Workplace Policy makes concrete these assumed standards of workplace conduct. The policy is MMB’s codification of these standards of conduct in a written policy.

A policy specific to the colleges and universities of Minnesota State is currently being developed by the Human Resource division of the System Office. The new policy will be shared through the meet and confer process at the local and statewide levels. Until the final policy is announced, Winona State University employees will continue to observe the general standards of workplace decorum and respect that are stated in MMB’s Policy.

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