Online Student Services Task Force (CONCLUDED)


  1. Review current online student services at Winona State University.
  2. Benchmark the quality of our student services, using the Center for Transforming Student Services (CENTSS). framework and other best practices.
  3. Identify gaps and areas of improvement.
  4. Identify and leverage available resources through MnSCU and other sources.
  5. Develop a plan to enhance the delivery of online student services.
  6. Determine a timeline for the implementation of the plan that meets HLC accreditation requirements and supports the implementation of new online certificates and programs.

Timeline: A final report, including a gap analysis, should be submitted by December 2011.

Recommendations: Recommendations will be made to President.

Membership: 2 IFO (who are currently working with online students and using the national standards rubric, Quality Matters, in developing their courses), TLT Director, TLT Learning Systems & Services Coordinator, Tutoring Services Coordinator, Warrior Hub/Enrollment Services Manager; OCED Program Development and Advising Coordinator; Dean of Students, OCED Director.

2011-2012 MEMBERSHIP

2 IFO: Oswald Shanalingigwa, Theresa Waterbury; TLT Director: Ken Graetz, TLT Learning Systems & Services Coordinator: Elissa Hall, Tutoring Services Coordinator: Jillian Quandt, Warrior Hub/Enrollment Services Manager: Paul Stern; OCED Program Development and Advising Coordinator: Jennifer Lamberson; Dean of Students: Karen Johnson, OCED Director: Diane Dingfelder