Arboretum and Land Stewardship Committee - Advisory

  1. Charge: To provide vision, oversight, and advice regarding the development and funding of the WSU campus and its allied properties as a regional Landscape Arboretum to support public enjoyment, education and scientific study.  The recommendations of the committee are advisory and do not supersede the authority of the WSU Administration in all matters relating to campus properties.
  2. Committee will elect a chairperson.
  3. There is no formula for the terms of office.
  4. Council of Administrators will call the first meeting.
  5. Composition: 3 IFO, 1 ASF, 1 AFSCME (Facilities Grounds Staff), 1 MAPE, 1 MMA (Facilities Grounds Supervisor), 2 Students, 3 Community Members, VP of University Advancement, WSU Land Steward, Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities Services Manager. All Committee members should have an interest in, responsibility for and/or expertise in horticulture and landscape development. Additional ad hoc members may be invited as the need for specialized expertise arises in order to achieve the Committee's charge, mission and goals.

2012-2013 MEMBERSHIP

  • 3 IFO:  1. Candace Kairies; 2. Melanie Reap; 3. Arne Sippola 
  • 1 ASF:
  • 1 AFSCME: (Facilities Grounds Staff)
  • 1 MAPE:
  • 1 MMA: (Facilities Grounds Supervisor)
  • 2 Students:
  • 3 Community Members:
  • VP University Advancement::   Jim Schmidt
  • WSU Land Steward:
  • Sustainability Coordinator:  Tex Hawkins
  • Facilities Service Manager: