Academic Integrity Task Force (Concluded)

A. Charge:

  1. Review WSU policies and procedures on academic integrity, consequences, and the appeal process as well as those at similar universities.
  2. Seek input from the broad campus constituencies
  3. Recommend any policy adjustments and procedures for students and faculty who suspect there is a breach of academic integrity

B. Membership:

  • 6 IFO (one from each college and one additional member), 2 Students, 2 Deans (Dean of Science and Engineering, Dean of Students), 1 Registrar

C. Recommendation:

  • Recommendations will be submitted to President Ramaley before the end of the 2009-2010 academic year

2009-2010 Membership

  • 6 IFO: 1. Tom Grier (Liberal Arts) 2. Sara Hein (Science and Engineering) 3. Francis Mann (Science and Engineering) 4. vacant (Education) 5. David Plum (Business) 6. vacant (Nursing & Health Sciences)
  • 2 Students: 1. vacant 2. vacant
  • 2 Deans: 1. Dean of Science and Engineering: Harold Ornes 2. Dean of Students: Karen Johnson
  • 1 Registrar: Glenn Petersen