Program Admission

Each program has specific admission procedures. Our faculty work closely with students to guide them through the admission process and ensure their success.

Graphic Design & I-Design

Students should declare their major in Graphic Design or I-Design upon entering WSU.

At the end of their first year in the program, all Design students must complete an application for admission.

Students must complete a few other requirements in addition to the application.

  • Complete ART 118 (Foundational Drawing); ART 150 (Digital Design Fundamentals); and ART 243 (Typography and Information design) with a grade of B or above
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Submit an application portfolio of your work to faculty

What to Include in Your Application Portfolio

You will be given detailed instructions on the application process during your first year with us.

Your portfolio will include examples of work, faculty evaluations and more.

  • 8-10 examples of your most recent work
  • The Design Program Application Form
  • A brief personal statement detailing your progress and your goals
  • An unofficial transcript
  • Two evaluations from faculty who have taught you

Art Teaching

Students should declare their major when registering for courses.

As the Art Teaching degree is offered with the College of Education, students will take some courses outside of the department during their final two years.

These courses are called The Professional Education Sequence and are offered through the College of Education.

Before taking their Professional Education Sequence, students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Unit. In order to be admitted, students must complete a few requirements.

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Have a B grade or better in ENG 111 (College Reading and Writing) and CMST 191 (Introduction to Public Speaking) or 192 (Introduction to Speech Communication), as well as a C grade or better in a college-level math course
  • Complete 15 hours of clinical experience. For Art Teaching students, this goal is usually met by completing SPED 300 (Children and Youth with Exceptionalities)

Studio Art

There is no formal admissions process for the Studio Art degree. Students should declare Studio Art (ARTS) as their major when they register for courses prior to arriving at Winona State.

If you are changing your major to Studio Art, simply fill out the Major/Minor Declaration Form.

History of Art & Studio Art Minors

There are no formal admissions process for our two minor degrees.

To add either to your study program, simply complete the Major/Minor Declaration Form.