Art Teaching

The B.S. in Art Teaching trains you to be a successful, resourceful K-12 art teacher.

You will learn the theory and practice of teaching art in schools. You will also develop your own artistic and creative voice.

After completing the Art Teaching program, you'll earn the Minnesota K-12 Art Teaching Licensure.

Many Art Teaching graduates enjoy art teaching careers in Minnesota and across the U.S. Some even teach in Europe and Asia.


In the Art Teaching program, you will take a variety of courses.

  • General Education courses for a broad liberal arts foundation
  • Courses in History of Art and Studio Art for practical and theoretical knowledge
  • Art Education courses to develop foundational skills for teaching K-12 art
  • Professional Teacher Education courses on the science of teaching and learning

Art Teaching students are required to take part in the Junior Portfolio Review and the Senior Graduation Exhibitions. These exhibitions take place in the Watkins and Weber art galleries.

Student Opportunities

A number of generous scholarships are offered to incoming and current Art Teaching students.

Students have many chances to take part in extra-curricular cultural and academic programs on campus.

These include art gallery internships, Faculty-led travel study programs and more.

Go Beyond the Classroom

Our campus and the town of Winona offer a scenic and creative environment for all students.

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum and the rotating campus art galleries at WSU and St. Mary’s University are also nearby.