The Art and Design Department offers two flexible minors: History of Art and Studio Art. These are popular choices with students from other departments who wish to enhance their degree.

History of Art

History of Art is the study of artistic artifacts and the cultures they come from. This includes everything from cave paintings to today's electronic and digital arts.

The History of Art Minor introduces students to this fascinating world. The minor trains them to appreciate, understand and analyze pieces of art.

History of Art offers a pathway to careers in museums, art galleries, the art market and arts administration.

Studio Art

The Studio Art Minor allows students to develop their artistic skills. The focus areas include painting, drawing, artistic photography and digital arts.

The flexible Studio Art Minor allows students to select various courses to follow their strengths.

The visual and creative skills that students gain in Studio Art have proven valuable for students looking for careers in computing, marketing and advertising and media production.

The skills also translate well to counseling and mental health.