Studio Art

WSU's Studio Art major is a redesigned 21st-century program. The program focuses on providing an outstanding modern Studio education.

Our program offers students the chance to learn classic art practices such as oil painting and drawing. Students will also utilize state-of-the-art technology in digital art and photography courses.

We are committed to equipping students with the skills needed to become a visual artist or creative industry professional in today’s exciting arts world.

What to Expect

The new Studio Art curriculum offers courses in color theory and anatomy and figure drawing. Others include various types of  photography, digital compositing and collage and oil painting.

Studio Classes are small and personal, and students receive a decent amount of one-on-one attention and guidance. Upper-level drawing and painting students have personal studio spaces. These spaces are part of a large, shared open-space studio classroom.

Students begin with core studio foundations in drawing, digital programs (Adobe) and 3D materials.

Mid-level courses build on these skills and improve students’ creative and conceptual skills.

Upper-level courses prepare students to pursue their own personal direction. Courses also help students develop their creative identity.

Studio Art majors also take Art History courses and an Arts Administration class. Students have the option to take AAD 301 - The Arts Organization or AAD 302 - Introduction to Arts Administration.

Students have the chance to join faculty on travel study trips abroad during the summer months. Trips include adventurous, art-centered courses in places like Italy, Central Europe, New Zealand and China.