Watkins Gallery

The Watkins Gallery is named for Paul Watkins, who donated part of his private collection to Winona State in the 1920s. The Watkins Gallery is 644 square feet, features 20-foot ceilings and a glass façade at the gallery‚Äôs entrance.

Upcoming Events

Lois Peterson: Listening for Evidence

January 13 - February 5
Artist Talk: Wednesday, January 22nd 5-6pm, Stark Hall 103
Reception to follow in the Watkins Hall lobby from 6-7pm

From the Artist:

"What I study and focus upon comes from quiet and deep spaciousness, both from within and outside myself.

Midwest prairie winter landscapes, Arctic expanses of snow and ice, the African savannahs and night skies articulate these spaces of quiet mystery for me. These are places I have experienced as I search for clues of the elusive. As I draw I focus on the belief that there is something more beyond what I can see. The drawings are not meant to be the end product for me, but rather the next step of an investigation into something much larger than themselves.

I want to understand what language cannot explain, a knowledge that exists beyond my limits. Drawings is the way I search for what I can only sense.

It has taken my entire career as an artist and educator to come to some level of clarity in what it is I have been of searching for and questioning for decades. For years I worked with clay as a material, then ten years ago, due to a health issue, I needed to leave the ceramic studio, I turned at that time to oil painting and drawing. For years I wanted something simpler in form and materials to use, but I seemed stuck in the use of complex art making processes, involving the use of large pieces of equipment and complex materials. With no small amount of humor, I have realized that it had taken me decades to pick up the obvious tool, a simple pencil and a piece of paper. My relief and excitement was profound. The immediate response of the pencil on paper felt right to my hand.

I have, after a long search and traversing many paths I wish I had not chosen, found a truth in my work that I had always been seeking."