Weber Gallery

The Weber Gallery hosts solo student exhibitions, Foundations shows, department showcases such as the Junior Portfolio Review, the Design Salon, Select Senior Shows and various special exhibitions of student, visiting artists' work, and exhibitions that are part of a class. It is also the department’s critique space. It is occasionally used by visiting contemporary artists. It is named in honor of Maynard Weber, class of 1950. Maynard Weber is the son of artist Max Weber, often considered the first American cubist painter. 

The Weber gallery is 300 square feet.

Senior Exhibitions

Gods of Our Own

For her exhibition Gods of Our Own in Winona State’s Weber Gallery, Nica Foltz created small figures out of clay that are gods of specific things in a person’s daily routine. The exhibition includes a god of lost socks, a god of anxiety and a god of debt. Throughout the show, Foltz’s humor and imagination are on display. Foltz creates these “gods” often in reference to events in her own life. She thinks of them as “life phenomenons” that she has realized into beings. The late author Terry Pratchett was a source of inspiration for Foltz as were artists like Monica Sheets, Kiki Smith and Louise Bourgeois.

Dwellers and Mythical Landscapes

Joel Janetto’s paintings and drawings come out of the tradition of automatic writing and drawing practiced by the Dada art movement in the early 20th century. His searching, energetic line quality quickly transforms from loose contours of an animal or figure into frenetic scribbles; marks of the unconscious that make abstract harmonies and rhythms. He layers bringing splotches of paint to create surfaces teaming with texture and activity. For his exhibition in the Weber gallery, Dwellers and Mythical Landscapes, Janetto has surrounding discrete paintings and drawings with marks made directly onto the gallery walls. This transforms the space into Janetto’s world: a world where celestial bodies and human-like figures co-exist; where vibrant colors – especially reds, yellows and pinks – seem to have their own consciousness and presence. The exhibition verges on becoming a fully submersive installation and is an amazing display of a painter who has definitely found his voice and style.

The House of the Faraway

Sam Hunter’s exhibition, The House of the Faraway, deals with what it means to be human, and mankind's age old quest to cheat death. It is inspired by themes from a Sumerian story, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and how it relates to changes in the world that will alter how we see ourselves in the near future. These changes include artificial intelligence and becoming a multi-planet species.

It seeks to question what a human-like consciousness, that has many of the same concerns and preferences of a human, contained in an artificial data processing format might look like.

Sculpture Exhibition

Sculpting from the Inside - Intro to Sculpture, Sculpture I & Sculpture II Students.