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The Art Student Handbook, which supports the advising process, contains information vital to the successful study of art at WSU. Among other items, it includes suggested course registration programs for each of the three Art degree programs/options, for each semester leading to graduation; course prerequisites, the Junior Portfolio Review, and Senior Exhibitions. Students should request the Handbook from their advisor or the Art Department Office. Get a copy of the handbook here
Art Student Handbook 18-19
Art Student Handbook 17-18
Art Student Handbook 16-17
Art Student Handbook 15-16
Art Student Handbook 14-15
Art Student Handbook 13-14

Fall Orientation Meeting
All new entering students, including transfer students, are expected to attend this very important meeting held annually. New students get acquainted with their peers, teachers, and advisors, and learn more about the material covered in the Art Student Handbook.

Priority Registration
Because of limited space and the great demand for art classes, registration in virtually all art courses is by permission only. Just prior to the university online registration, the Art Department holds meetings that all advisors, majors, as well as minors, attend. At that time, with the advisor's approval, the student is granted electronic permission to register for art classes when his/her registration "window" opens. Minors meet with an available advisor. First year majors and minors are limited to one studio class each semester, in addition to art history.

Transfer Students
Art majors transferring from other institutions must complete a minimum of 15 semester credit hours in art in residence at WSU at the upper division (300/400-level classes).

Graduation Requirements
For a checklist of the University's graduation requirements, see the 2004-06 University Catalog, page 24. Specific requirements for art majors/minors are as follows:

BA students must earn a minimum grade of "C" in each studio art course and have a GPA of 2.50 in all studio and art history courses and a 2.50 overall GPA.

Teaching majors in the BS program must maintain a 2.75 overall GPA and a 2.75 GPA in all art education, studio, and art history courses.

Pass/No Credit (P/NC) Courses
Except for internships and practica, students must take all courses in their major, minor, concentrations, and licensures on a grade-only basis. The P/NC option is available to students who are not art majors or minors; these students may elect the P/NC option for all 100-level art courses and for other courses as specified in the course descriptions. Courses offered on a pass/no credit-only or grade-only basis are so designated in the course descriptions. (All prerequisites must be met before a student enrolls in a particular course.)



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