Design Work Opportunities

The Graphic Design Program provides varies working expereince and career opportunities, which include and not limited to student work, work study, internships, and freelance design.

Work Study | Student Work | Internships | Freelance Design


        Design students in the program are encouraged to look for campus Graphic Design work opportunity to extend their design experience and portfolios. Many work study students have helped generate materials for various on campus departments such as the Music Department with event posters and programs. Following are the opportunities:


Work Study

     This is a paid work opportunity for students, who qualify for special financial support. Students need to apply for FAFSA, a government run program that allows new and returning students support if they can prove a need for the support and meet the requirements to receive it. To learn more about WSU policy on Financial Aid or to apply you can click on the links provided below.

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Student Work

     This is a paid work opportunity. Unlike Work Study, students do not need the proof of financial needs (FAFSA). The funds come from the departments that offer the position. Student Work position is based on design skills and work performance. Student Work position is available in various WSU departments. For example TLT(Teaching, Learning and Teachnology) department, Creative Survices department, IT (Information and Teachnology) department, OCED (Outreach & Continuing Education) Department, etc. Talk to your advisor to learn more about Student Work opportunities on campus.

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     Where Student Work and Work Study help you learn on campus; Internships are, conversely, a way for students to learn off campus. The Graphic Design department gives students the opportunities to make contacts within the professional workplace. Students will be aided in their skill developement while applying what they have learned to non-campus affiliated applications. Many Internship opportunities can be found online but talk to you advisor to learn more about various Internships within the region. Students have achieved many types of internships at places such as the Mayo Clinic, the Fastenal Company, and Fanstasy Flight Games. Refer to internship application for more information.

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Freelance Design

     Students enrolled in the design programs are encouraged to find jobs in freelance design to help build the portfolio's and resumes with examples of work produced for actual clients. During their course work they are also allowed a chance to work for a professional client to learn various aspects of the design world such as invoicing, billing, client meetings, and more. Students are also encouraged to learn from other successful freelance designers. However, Freelance Design work usually takes the form of side jobs acquired by students where they are not learning from another teacher or designer but rather providing an actual service to a real client. Students are reponsible to the client and any money agreed on as payment is the responsibility of the client to the student.

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