Design Internship Application Process

Design Majors are required to earn academic credit for practical, on-the-job experience in a professional setting. The credits earned count toward your degree plan fulfilling the Practicum requirement. Design Program Internships must be directly associated with production of Design materials or Design related tasks. It is an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts learned in the classroom to practical challenges encountered in a professional setting under the direction of an on-site supervisor and Off Campus Design Internship Coordinator. The internship experience enhances skills, develops professional contacts and relationships and provides new perspectives on the profession. It increases understanding of what it takes to endure and prosper in the work environment. Internship is also an opportunity for academic growth through a creative or research-based project that develops out of the work experience.


This handbook is intended as a guide through the process of obtaining and successfully completing an internship for academic credit. Following are the step to complete an internship. You can download the application and instruction -> here

Internship eligibility is verified by the Off Campus Design Internship Coordinator. Submit printed DARS report for verification. Before an internship is approved, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  • Accepted into the desired Design Program (not to be confused with declared Design Major)
  • Have an overall grade-point average of 2.5 or higher at the time of enrollment in the internship
  • Achieve junior class standing (65 semester hours) and complete at least one of the following mid-level design classes: ART 260 Print Design, ART 265 Packaging Design or ART 360 New Media Design

The student is expected to find and arrange an internship site. Suggestions for possible site, or procedures, for locating sites are available from the Off Campus Design Internship Coordinator, or from your academic advisor. Lists of companies that have previously engaged WSU interns in the past is also available for review as a resource. Remember, it is the responsibility of the student to locate and arrange the internship. The process of finding an internship is similar to the search for a job.

The student needs to obtain an official offer letter from the internship site with the following information.

  • The Offer letter needs to have the official letter head with the company name and logo
  • Job description
  • Hour of work expected each week
  • Duration of the internship
  • Supervisor (onsite coordinator) contact information, name, signature and company address.

Make an appointment with the Off Campus Design Internship Coordinator (Prof. Mah). Make sure you bring the original official offer letter.

    • Decide the internship credit hour. An internship may be arranged for one to three credits each time. One semester hour credit is awarded for every 30-clock hours spend on the job. A total of three credits is required for Graphic Design Majors and six credits is for I-Design Majors for graduation
    • Complete the Art & Design Internship Form
    • Complete the WSU Internship Application. Obtain the form from Warrior Hub
    • Submit the Art & Design Internship form, WSU Internship Application, and internship offer letter to the Off Campus Design Internship Coordinator.
  • Develop an on-site daily journal. Include the number of hours you work and what you have accomplished each day
    • Keep record of all the design revisions, drafts, production and final work
    • Please note you must complete at least 30 hours of work for each credit.

Arrange an end of internship interview with the on-site supervisor with Design Internship Evaluation Form and ask the supervisor to return it to the Internship Coordinator.
Internship Evaluation form can be downloaded from

After the completion of the internship, develop an internship report based on the following guideline:

      • Develop the report in InDesign Booklet size 5x8” (vertical format)
    • Include the following section:
      ~ Content page
      ~ Portfolio
      ~ Daily Journal: Organized your journal by day and week. Make sure you list your daily hour and task , and the
      ~ Reflection Statement: A written reflection and self-evaluation of the experience
    • Download the InDesign template from
  • Print a hard copy and bind the booklet
  • Export the InDesign document to a digital PDF format.
  • Submit the Internship Report in both hard and digital formats
  • Arrange an end-of-internship interview with the Off Campus Design Internship Coordinator.




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