Library Venues

 The spacious Athenaeum features a concert grand piano and space for anything from casual to formal occasions.

Athenaeum Space
Capacity: 60

The large, airy Athenaeum features high ceilings, a concert grand piano, and spacious accommodations for a variety of uses, from casual lectures to formal presentations, to intimate musical performances. All Athenaeum events begin at 1:00pm on Wednesdays and are held here, on the south end of the Library's second floor, unless otherwise noted.


 Max Weber’s painting features an oarsman working in the foreground, shore and a city behind him.   


Max Weber Paintings

The Library houses various pieces of the substantial University art collection.  Included are three paintings by 20th century American artist, Max Weber, who was a friend and contemporary of Picasso.  Max Weber’s son, Mo Weber, is a WSU alumnus and generously donated the three works.