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"There are those who are troubled by the conjuction of two words--entrepreneur and art--
but the task of the arts administrator is the same as that of the art maker: To use his or her
skills to serve and enable art.

"Accordingly, you here today have elected to enter the great fellowship of the arts. Like most
priests, like some doctors, and fewer laywers, you have not a job, but a vocation, a calling.
You have chosen not to enter the clock-watching world of nine to five. Yours is a consuming,
full-time activity. While few of you will grow rich, you are members of a highly priviledged
group. You are able to make your work and your life one."


"The Burbage Legacy"
An Address by Bernie Sahlins to the
Association of Arts Administration Educators
Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois
June 1, 2007