Athletic Training Programs

Graduate Options

Master of Science Athletic Training (MSAT) - 3+2 Year Program
Freshman students interested Athletic Training can enter WSU as a freshman in the fall of 2017 and complete both a Bachelor's of Science degree in Movement Science and a Master's of Science degree in Athletic Training in just five years with the 3+2 Year Program.

Master of Science Athletic Training (MSAT) - 2 Year Program
Graduate students who have already completed their bachelors degree can earn their masters degree in Athletic Training through the 2 Year Program.

Undergraduate Option

Athletic Training (AT) - BS Major
Please note: The undergraduate Athletic Training program is currently transitioning from a nationally accredited undergraduate program to an accredited graduate program. The fall 2016 semester will be that last entering class of freshmen who will be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. Final undergraduate students will graduate in May 2020.