Program Transition Information

The Athletic Training major is currently transitioning from a nationally accredited undergraduate program by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) to an entry level Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) program.

Students will have two options to apply into this professional healthcare program:

  • Five Year (3+2) - Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Combined Program
    -Freshman students interested in this professional program can enter Winona State University as freshman in the fall of 2017 and complete both a bachelor’s degree in Movement Science and a master’s degree in Athletic Training in five years. Save time and money!
  • Two Year Graduate Program
    -Students who have, or will complete, a Bachelor's degree and all MSAT program requirements may apply for admission into the graduate program.

The first graduate courses in Athletic Training will begin during the summer of 2019. Applications for admission will be available and accepted in 2018 for this first cohort of students admitted to the MSAT program. Applications are due by Nov. 1, 2018.

During this transition we will be phasing out our undergraduate program with the final undergraduate students graduating in May 2020. To learn more about the new MSAT program and our current undergraduate program link to the respective program page (include links to pages here and in boxes below). You may also contact Dr. Brian Zeller, Director - Athletic Training Program at 507.457.5575 or for more information or to answer any questions.

Please note: Fall 2016 will be the final entering class of freshmen who will be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. The final admission process into the Bachelor of Science-Athletic Training degree program will occur during the Fall 2017 semester.