Undergraduate Program Costs

The following information is provided as an estimate of the costs associated with being an athletic training major at Winona State University. Please note that a portion of these costs are required as a component of your academic coursework, with others being recommended by the faculty and staff of the Winona State University Athletic Training Program. 

HERS 191 - Introduction to Athletic Training
Students are required to purchase a printed nametag recognizing them as Prospective Athletic Training Students during their clinical observations. This nametag can be used during their freshman year observations. Approximate cost per student is $4.

HERS 292 - Principles of Athletic Training
Each student enrolled in HERS 292 is required to purchase, with another student, a case of athletic tape. Approximate cost per student is $20-$25. A printed nametag indicating the students' level as a 2nd year student is also required. Approximate cost per student is $4.

HERS 293, 362, 365, 489 and 495
Travel to affiliated clinical sites is required during portions of their clinical education. Affiliated clinical sites are located between 1 mile and 55 miles from the Winona State University campus. Students should anticipate costs in traveling to these sites during their clinical experiences

State of Minnesota Background Checks
Background checks are required for all students within the HERS Department who are enrolled in courses with clinical/practical experiences. These background checks are completed on an annual basis. Approximate cost annually is $23, which is added to your WSU Student Account statement at the time of completion.

Liability Insurance
WSU policy is that all students who are performing clinical education to obtain personal liability insurance. This policy is purchased by the University on an annual basis. Approximate cost annually is $15, which is added to your WSU Student Account statement at the beginning of the fall semester.

Annual Tuberculosis Skin Test
Tb skin tests will be required on an annual basis for all students engaged in a clinical education rotation. Junior and Senior ATS will receive this skin test during Fall in-services in August. Sophomore level ATS will receive this skin test during the first week of classes. Testing will occur through WSU Health Services. Approximate cost annually is $20, which is added to your WSU Student Account statement during the fall semester.

Students are required to become a member of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA), the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers' Association (GLATA) and the Minnesota Athletic Trainers' Association (MATA) once admitted to the ATEP. This allows the student to become eligible for state, district and national scholarships and enhances professional development as a future certified athletic trainer. Membership is also necessary for the use of the A-Track software.

NATA Membership Dues
New Student Members = $55 (Includes NATA, GLATA and MATA)
Renewal Memberships for Students = $75 (Includes NATA, GLATA and MATA)

Admitted students to the Athletic Training Program will receive a t-shirt and polo shirt during their clinical education. Students may also choose to purchase other clothing/items at their discretion.