Tuition and Fee Statements

Statements are not mailed. You must view your tuition and fee statement online.

To Display Amounts You Owe

(Note: The information provided will include not just amounts from Winona State but also amounts you may have with other Minnesota State colleges. )
1.  Begin by logging in at the log-in screen, just as you would for registration.  
2.  Select "Bills and Payment" from the menu on the left side of the page.


  • Clicking the green + sign will expand the line and show more details.
  • Clicking on the "Acrobat Icon" in the Printable View column will provide a PDF statement with detail for the institution and term shown.  (A list of your course schedule is also provided.)
  • Selecting a term and Clicking on the "View Statement of Account for Term Acrobat Icon" will give you a detailed statement for all Minnesota State schools you are attending.
  • To prevent unauthorized viewing of your private data always logout from the system to end your session.
  • Close all browser windows on your machine. Failure to close the browser may allow others to view your data.
  • Never share your Login ID and/or PIN with others.

To Logout

Choose the "Logout" link from the list in the upper right corner of the page