Students doing research by the river

Current Students

Honors in Biology

The Biology Department at WSU believes that students who desire advanced careers in biology need significant experiences which involve them directly in an intimate and meaningful process of biological inquiry. The Honors in Biology Program is designed to provide this enhanced opportunity to eligible biology majors.  

Capstone Projects

All students are expected to complete a Capstone project with a mentor of their choosing.  Please see the faculty page for a listing of projects. These Capstone projects expose our students to the fundamental skills required to carry out exciting research projects. Collaborations with other universities (Mayo clinic), companies (Red Bull) and state departments such as the department of natural resources (DNR) give students a glimpse into future possibilities and potential careers.

Clinical Research Projects

In collaboration with the local Winona Health Hospital, students are invited to participate in mentored clinical research projects. This new and exciting opportunity provides training and exposure to clinically-oriented research and is open to all pre-professional students. For more information please contact Osvaldo Martinez or visit Winona Health Careers.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Biology Department offers a number of scholarship opportunities for students of all ranks.