Faculty-led Travel Programs

The Biology Department offers several opportunities for faculty-led travel programs throughout the academic year.

The programs are designed to encourage you to engage in critical thinking, experience first-hand the value systems and diverse lifestyles of other cultures, and participate in a meaningful service learning project.

Often interdisciplinary, the programs enhance student global and cultural awareness through constant engagement and reflection.


Biodiversity in Belize is a course designed to give students an introduction to the diversity and function of Neotropical ecosystems in Belize. Rain forest and tropical marine/Barrier Reef ecosystem structure and ecology will be investigated through a series of morning and evening lectures and daily field trips led by local guides.

Morning and evening lectures will be used to introduce and review concepts highlighted during daily field trips. This course will also include elements of Belizean culture and conservation issues that are naturally embedded throughout the course.

Brief Itinerary

  • Trips to the Tropical Education Center and Blue Creek Rainforest Preserve
  • Snorkeling in the mouth of a cave, including lagoons and waterfalls
  • Tubing down the river and through the Hokeb Ha Cave


The Culture and Ecology of East Africa – Tanzania is a faculty-led program that gives students an immersive experience in the cultures and biological diversity of Tanzania.

Cultural experiences include walking tours of several different villages, school visits, a traditional Maasai village, anthropological sites, and daily contact with the people of Tanzania and tourists from around the world. The wildlife diversity is unlike anywhere in the world, from antelopes to zebra.  

This 4-credit course includes one week of class time, and approximately 22 days of travel, and is offered alternate years, during the summer.

Brief Itinerary

  • Approximately 22 days of travel
  • Safari in five different national parks, including the world heritage sites of Ngorongoro Crater Conservation and Serengeti National Park
  • Service project generally focused on some aspect of community development