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Educating For and About Business

The Business Education Teaching Major prepares individuals to become teachers of business subjects. Students pursue a balanced curriculum of: computer technology, business administration, administrative information systems, general education, methods of teaching, and professional education. Senior business education students teach in grades 5-12 on a full-time basis for one semester to fulfill their student teaching requirement.

Our major program prepares students to become K-12 business teachers. Courses integrate technology and business to prepare students for their future success. Select one of the links to learn more about this exciting career.

Reasons students choose Winona State University:

  • Technical as well as non-technical preparation to teach business subjects in grades 5 through 12.

  • Small university environment to allow maximum interaction between students and professors.
  • Access to up-to-date computer technology coupled with an extensive curriculum.
  • Full-time faculty members whose dedication and level of expertise provide quality education.
  • A university education that develops professional business teachers needed in today's classrooms.

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