Engaged Ethics Conversation

The Engaged Ethics Conversation (EEC) is an annual event that brings together students, faculty and members of the community for an insightful and thought-provoking conversation on personal and professional ethics. Designed to give audience members an up-close and personal look at both ethical and unethical behavior from a variety of viewpoints, the goal of the event is to reinforce support for ethical decision-making across the curriculum. The EEC format is a moderated discussion with three speakers who would not usually share a stage, but each have unique perspectives on ethics. Audience members are encouraged to participate in the conversation, both live and virtually.

2018 Theme

Authenticity: How to Be Your Best Self at Home, At Work and In Public

This year, we are expanding the concept of ethics to showcase its practicality and application to everyday life. Our theme, Authenticity: How to be your best self at home, at work, and in public, showcases the importance of understanding your personal ethics and how individuals who are living their authentic self can impact organizations, large and small. This simple, practical approach to ethical behavior illustrates why ethics is a living-breathing concept.

Event Details

Tuesday, Feb. 27

Round Table Discussion and live Q&A: 4-6pm
Benjamin A. Miller Auditorium, Stark 103

Moderated by Dr. Jason Kight, Assistant Professor, Business Administration, Winona State University

Reception 6-8pm
Science Laboratory Center (SLC) Atrium

WSU Rochester - RCTC
Singley Hall 201, downtown room 301


Kathleen Edmond, Esq. | "Authenticity is a balance between honesty and good boundaries."

Kathleen EdmondKathleen Edmond, is a partner at the law firm of Robins Kaplan LLP in Minneapolis, MN. She has spent the majority of her legal career in corporate ethics and compliance. As Chief Ethics Officer for Best Buy from 2004-2014, she built and subsequently led the company’s Ethics Office. Ms. Edmond is probably best known for her leading-edge communications initiatives in creating a connected, ethical culture within the organization that supported business strategy, vendor integrity, and customer engagement. She has won national awards for her innovative and exemplary leadership in her field, and her original use of social media in furthering a transparent, ethical business operation, is groundbreaking. Prior to practicing law, Ms. Edmond earned a Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Business Ethics, from the University of St. Thomas, and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. Over the course of her career she has worked with a wide range of clients representing industries ranging from retail, healthcare, professional sports, and insurance, to nonprofit, public institutions.

Dr. Richard Kyte | "The authentic life is the virtuous life."

Richard KyteRick Kyte is the Endowed Professor of the D.B. Reinhard Institute for Ethics and Leadership at Viterbo University in LaCrosse, WI. He teaches a variety of ethics courses dealing with issues in business, leadership, and the environment. He received his undergraduate degree from Hamline University and his Ph.D. in philosophy from The Johns Hopkins University in 1994. Rick writes a regular column for the La Crosse Tribune titled “The Ethical Life.” His latest book, Ethical Business: Cultivating the Good in Organizational Culture, was published by Anselm Academic Press in 2016. He gives about 30 presentations each year on ethics and leadership to organizations all over the country. Rick is a member of the First Presbyterian Church and the Downtown Rotary Club of La Crosse. He was born and raised in Frazee, Minnesota—home of the world’s largest turkey.

Anna LeBaron | "Authenticity equals freedom."

Anna LeBaronAnna LeBaron is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir The Polygamist’s Daughter. One of more than fifty children of infamous polygamist cult leader Ervil LeBaron, Anna LeBaron endured abandonment, horrific living conditions, child labor and sexual grooming. At age thirteen, she escaped the violent cult and sought healing. Her journey to finding her authentic self is chronicled in her memoir. Anna speaks to diverse audiences around the country and has recently been featured on the Dr. Oz show (episode airs Spring 2018). She is a professional book launcher and author coach. Anna lives in the DFW Metroplex and loves being Mom to five grown children.

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