Frequently Asked Questions

Provisional admission is a permission that allows a student that does not yet fully meet the criteria to be admitted to College of Business to pre-register for 300-400 level business courses.

A student should apply for provisional admission the semester in which the College of Business Admission criteria is being completed. 

The provisional admission application is online, complete the College of Business Application. This application will roll to a full admission application once the provisional period has lapsed.

Visit the College of Business Policy page for more information.

To change your major a student needs to complete a change of major form, available at the Warrior Hub. If a student has questions before changing the major they should make an appointment with the College of Business Advising Coordinator.

View the Majors page for a complete list.

View the Majors page for a list of offered majors and minors.

Students can drop courses through the eServices tab, using view and modify schedule. Students should check with their advisor and financial aid before dropping a course. 

View the Refund Policy and Calendar pages for dates and more information.

 View the Withdrawal Checklist to withdraw from a semester.

Learn how to calculate your GPA.

Prospective business students with questions or needing assistance are encouraged to email for further information. 

To ensure that the most accurate information is given, students are required to meet every semester with the assigned faculty advisor. The advisor can assist with course selection, explain degree plan requirements, locate essential campus resources, plus other programs and services offered by the College of Business. 

Students' academic advisors are listed on the top of the DARS (degree audit report). The degree audit report is available in eServices under grades and transcripts. 

In order to provide you with the most accurate information, it is our policy to conduct all advising in person. Please contact to make an appointment to meet with an advisor. 

To declare your major, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 2.5 Cumulative GPA
  • Cs or better in the (6) foundation courses
    -CMST 191 or CMST 192 (one course)
    -ENG 111
    -MATH 110, 112, 115, 120, 140 or 212 (one course)
    -STAT 110, ECON 222, or STAT 210 (one course)
    -ACCT 211
    -ECON 201
  • 30 or more credits posted to your transcript

The WSU Academic Catalog provides a complete list of Academic Regulations regarding classification, registration, grading policies, academic standing, satisfactory academic progress, state law and academic policies regarding student rights.

Yes, students are allowed to pursue more than one business degree. Students are required to meet the requirements for both degrees as outlined in the academic catalog. 

To apply for graduation, fill out the Graduation Application.

Students can use the DARS report to make sure that they have met the requirements for graduation as well as meet with their assigned academic advisor to review the DARS for degree completion. 

Students are allowed to register based on the number of completed college credits earned. The dates for the registration period are listed on the academic calendar. Students can see their specific registration window on eServices.

All students must meet the COB admissions requirements to be eligible to take 300-400 level business courses. If you have not completed the requirements or completed the appropriate paperwork, this is the reason for the error. Please contact the College of Business Advising Coordinator and they can help you troubleshoot the issue. 

If you have completed the prerequisite course or courses, please contact the departmental office that offers the course for further information and assistance. 

Once you have applied for admission to WSU and been accepted, please contact the College of Business Advising Coordinator for more information about the next steps in the College of Business process. 

Undergraduate students must maintain an overall WSU GPA of at least 2.0 and complete at least 67% of the courses that are attempted to remain in good standing with the University.

Learn more about academic status or refer to Academic Standing in the University Catalog.

Visit the Payment Procedures website for more information.

Students' math abilities are determined using the ACT score for Math. The majors in College of Business have varying math requirements. Please see the academic catalog for the math requirement for the major you are considering. 

For internship information, contact the chair of the department for your major. The chair of the department is listed on the website for the major.