College of Business Majors & Minors

Undergraduate Majors

The bachelor of science Accounting Major leads to excellent career opportunities.  One thing for sure--accounting has little to do with mundane bookkeeping as many people first imagine. Accounting education develops a set of financial and business skills highly valued by business organizations. Accountants have expertise in measuring business events, interpreting key business metrics, and understanding what numbers mean.  Modern accounting education is both complex and challenging.

To study accounting is to become an expert in understanding and using financial information to successfully manage a business. Accountants are specifically trained in business systems and controls, financial reporting rules, financial analysis, taxation, and financial decision-making. Accounting majors end up with a wide variety of career options including joining an international accounting firm, becoming owner of a small CPA practice, becoming a corporate controller or treasurer or chief financial officer, and even working for the FBI or IRS.

What Kinds of Students Major in Accounting? Successful accounting majors typically have good quantitative skills and are serious and determined students. Though the major can be challenging, it has greater career opportunities than many majors. The purpose of the accounting program at WSU is to prepare students for professional careers in business and government, with emphasis on professional certifications after graduation (CPA, CMA, CFA, etc.).

The bachelor of science Business administration major is a broad degree encompassing courses in management, human resources, information technology, operations, international business, and law, as well as introductions to accounting, economics, marketing, and finance. On the job business administrators establish and carry out departmental or organizational goals, policies and procedures, direct and oversee an organizations financial budgetary activities, as well as help manage general activities related to making products and providing services.

Majors can also be innovative by applying new technologies, negotiating or approving contracts, and identifying places to cut costs and improve performance, policies and programs.

What kind of student major in Business Administration? Students who thrive as business administration majors are leaders, decision makers, and strategic thinkers. They are good communicators, motivators, and team players. They recognize opportunities, achieve goals, and provide the organizational leadership. 


The bachelor of arts Economics major brings together the power of business with the insights provided by the liberal arts into a broad-based education leading to satisfying and highly rewarding careers. And because economics graduates have been trained in quantitative skills, particularly in statistics, they become sought after for jobs requiring strong analytical skills. Economics majors usually get jobs in banking, finance and investments, market research, government research, and consulting.

What Kinds of Students Major in Economics? Successful economics majors should have quantitative skills, in particular in statistics, and should enjoy data-driven analysis of social and economic problems. This student should also be organized, detail oriented, patient, and persistent. 

The bachelor of science finance major draws upon concepts from economics, statistics, accounting, and mathematics to help organizations manage risk and make sound financial decisions. The area of corporate finance focuses on the responsibilities of managers inside of a business.

They secure money for the organization through some combination of finding investors or through borrowing money most often by issuing corporate bonds. The area of investments is the view from outside of a business and focuses on the role of a manager of investment funds. Investors are tasked with the responsibility of putting together an investment portfolio that will help them achieve their investment objectives, whether it be preparing for retirement or managing a stock, bond, or real estate portfolio. The third area of finance is financial markets and institutions.  In this area students learn about how to manage financial institutions like commercial banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, etc.

What Kinds of Students Major in Finance? Students who are aiming at a career in business and who enjoy working with numbers, analysis, and "real world" applications will appreciate this major. If you want to avoid a job that involves a large amount of dull, routine duties, this may be the major for you. This major prepares you for a wide variety of often high-level professional positions and opportunities. 

The bachelor of science Human Resource Management major covers a wide variety of tasks and functions within an organization, including: recruiting and hiring, employee compensation and benefits, corporate policy, employee assistance, and training. Within the field of human resource management there is an endless list of possible jobs. A successful Human resource graduate will have the skills to create, implement, and design programs that help maximize employee performance. In human resources it is also common to aid in aligning the standards for the employees with the goals of the organization.

What Kinds of Students Major in Human Resource Management? Students with excellent spoken and written communication skills and interpersonal skills are a requirement. Human resources requires a high level of confidentiality and the open-mindedness to help grow and develop an organization.

Our future depends on technology to solve problems, improve decision making, and provide opportunities that we can only dream of. Products being developed that make use of augmented reality, virtual reality, drones, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, and biological enhancements require visionaries with technical skills to make these products reality. MIS graduates will be involved in this effort. The bachelor of science MIS Major includes extensive hands-on experience in developing and maintaining valuable skills using resources such as programming, application development, database systems, network systems and systems development.

MIS majors benefit from a broad base of courses that incorporates business administration, economics, finance, marketing, accounting, operations, and liberal arts. Holders of undergraduate degrees have obtained positions in numerous fields, including systems analyst, network administrator, security analyst, revenue management analyst, programmer, and web developer. The MIS program prepares individuals to deal with complex information systems, train personnel, and respond to technical requests.

What Kinds of Students Major in MIS? In order to succeed in this major, a student should be interested in organizations and how they function, as well as in computing.  Majors will develop oral and written communication skills. If you enjoy being challenged and embracing opportunities, you are encouraged to consider MIS to start your career. 

The bachelor of science Marketing major explores a dynamic field of study that examines the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services that address the value perceptions of customers and meet market demand. Marketing students learn to understand the relationship between products and consumers, and how to create, communicate, and deliver value to customers in such a way that it benefits their organization.

As the cornerstone of commerce, the discipline of marketing provides students with outstanding career opportunities in brand management, internet and social media marketing, sales management, marketing research, sports marketing, advertising, purchasing, distribution management, product development, professional selling, and wholesaling and distribution management.

The demand for marketing professionals continues to grow as today's organizations place greater emphasis on effective marketing as a means of creating competitive advantage and achieving their goals. More than a third of all careers are related to marketing and the field continues to grow. Marketing has become the most common path to the highest levels of many organizations.

What Kinds of Students Major in Marketing? Marketing is excellent for individuals possessing characteristics such as enjoy working with people, being part of a team, enjoy solving problems, like a variety of tasks versus repetition in a job, can demonstrate enthusiasm, and enjoy creating programs that advance an organization.