Engaged Ethics Conversation

Engaged Ethics Conversation is an annual event that brings together students, faculty and members of the business community for an insightful and thought-provoking conversation on personal and professional ethics. 

Reflections From Prison

Tuesday, March 21

Round Table: 4–6 pm

Harriet Johnson Auditorium, Somsen Hall & Simulcast to Rochester in ST 108
Moderated by: Dr. Jana Craft, Assistant Professor, Business Administration Winona State University

Reception: 6–8 pm

College of Business Engagement Center, Somsen Hall


Mark Heinz | Contract Accountant

Mark HeinzMark Heinz is a former CPA for over 20 years who was a Chief Financial Officer for a number of small and mid-sized companies in the manufacturing and wholesale industries. He also spent a number of years working in accounting for some large manufacturers. His special area of expertise was in integrating all of the accounting functions within the framework of information technology, and was the project manager for several major IT initiatives. Unfortunately, as CFO of a floundering company, he made some bad decisions in order to try and keep the company afloat and subsequently pled guilty to federal charges of providing false information to a financial institution (with no personal gain to Mark). He currently is performing contract accounting work to a number of for-profit and non-profit entities in addition to tax return preparation for both individuals and corporations.

John Rubischko | Regional Sales Director

John RubischkoJohn Rubischko is currently a Regional Sales Director for Financial Education Services. In this role, John is responsible for managing his sales teams and corporate accounts all over the United States. Prior to joining FES, John owned his own mortgage company and had his real estate license, along with general contracting homes and managing investment properties. In 2009, Rubischko was sentenced to 87 months in federal prison for wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. He speaks to a variety of audiences about the choices and consequences of unethical behavior, the perils of the slippery slope of materialism and the real cost of chasing money.

Stephanie Nuttall | Assistant Winona County Attorney

Stephanie NuttallStephanie Nuttall has been an Assistant Winona County Attorney for nearly 10 years. Her primary role throughout her career has been felony prosecution, though she also does legal advising for several Winona County departments. During her career she has prosecuted a number of “white collar” crimes, including welfare fraud, embezzlement, check forgery, identity theft, gambling fraud, and other similar cases. One of her more recent prominent cases involved the prosecution of a now-former defense attorney who forged his client’s name on the back of an insurance payout check and deposited it into a personal bank account, rather than the required trust—resulting in a felony conviction and jail time for the former attorney. Her current caseload includes the responsibility for prosecuting complex financial crimes within the County.

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