Jing Han, PhD

Office: Somsen 324L
Phone: 507.457.5191
Email: JHan@winona.edu

Ph.D. Peking University
B.A. Beijing Normal University

Frequently Taught Courses
MGMT 417 Compensation and Benefits
MGMT 427 Human Resource and Organization Development
MGMT 467 Staffing and Evaluation
MGMT 477 International Human Resource Management
MGMT 317 Human Resource Management

Research Interests
Social networks
Teamwork and group dynamics
Culture and identity
Recruiting and selection

Academy of Management Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division
Outstanding Reviewer, 2010

Recent Publications

Han, Jing. (2018). Team-bonding and team-bridging social capital: Conceptualization and Implications. Team Performance Management: an International Journal. 24(1/2), 17-42.

Han, Jing., & Renske, Pashouwers. (2018). Willingness to Share Knowledge in Healthcare Organizations: The Role of Relational Perception. Knowledge Management Research & Practice. 16(1), 42-50.

Han, Jing., & Ling, Juan. (2016). Emotional appeal in recruitment advertising and applicant attraction: Unpacking national cultural differences. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37(8), 1202-1223.

Zhang, Jidong., & Han, Jing. (2016). Adoption of Sarbanes-Oxley Act in China:
Antecedents and Consequences of Separate Auditing. International Journal of Auditing. 20 (2), 108-118.

Han, Jing., & Van Dongen, Kevin. (2015). Friendship network centrality and the performance of soccer players: the role of cognitive accuracy. Human Performance. 28(3): 265-279.

Han, Jing., Zhang., Jidong., & Han, Jian. (2015). CFO as a Strategic Partner of CEO: Relational Demography and Firm Performance. Journal of Business Management. 21 (1): 59-76.

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