Business Administration Online Degree Completion Program

The Business Administration Online Degree Completion Program (BUSO) prepares students for careers in management and administration in all types of organizations within the private, nonprofit, and public sectors.

Issues covered in this program include:

  • leadership
  • motivation
  • organizational communication
  • organizational design transformation and change
  • human resource concerns

The BUSO program allows you to emphasize practical training through internships, entrepreneurship, operations, or a combination of these areas through electives.

Our faculty members are accomplished professionals with advanced degrees, industry certifications, and business experience—you can count on us.

Learn more about the BUSO program and how to apply.

What You'll Learn

This program emphasizes both behavioral and technical approaches to manage today's fast-paced organizations.

As a BUSO major, you'll learn how to:

  • budget, organize, plan, hire, direct, control, and otherwise manage various organizations
  • manage resources at the individual, group, and organizational levels

You'll also learn about technology and its use in the development of management information systems for small and large businesses.

Course Delivery Methods

Complete your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in as little as four semesters (not including summers).

Courses are offered solely online with some in-person business engagement opportunities.

Online learning is a combination of synchronous—meaning students attend together, in real time—and asynchronous—meaning students can learn anytime, anywhere.

Who Should Enroll

This program is ideal for students who have already completed the first two years of lower-division general education requirements.

Students who are well suited for this program include working adults, parents, and long-distance learners. 

Cohorts & Advisers

Students in this program will be enrolled in a cohort (BUSO) with specific courses designated only for this cohort.

BUSO cohort members are guaranteed a seat in all required courses and won't have to compete for seats with residential students on the main Winona campus.

Students may enter the BUSO cohort in either Fall or Spring semesters and may be full- or part-time.

Dedicated advisers will guide students through the program, both in-person and virtually, depending on student preference.