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College of Business Admission

Admission Policy

As a COB student at Winona State, you'll be exposed to a professional  education leading to positions in business, government, and other  organizations. You will also be prepared for advanced study of marketing  and business at the graduate level.  Once students have read the Academic  Integrity Policy, they may they may complete the College of Business major application form or minor application form.  Applications cannot be  submitted until grades for all courses required for admission are recorded on the student's DARS.


Program Planning Sheets

Business Administration Major
Human Resources Management Major
Management Information Systems Major
B.S. Minors in Department of Business Administration
Business Administration Major & Business Law Minor
Business Administration Major & Human Resources Management Major
Business Administration Major & Management Information Systems Minor
Business Administration Major & Management Minor
Business Administration Major & Human Resources Management Major & Management Minor


Advising Services

Advising Services is dedicated to serving WSU students and faculty by providing a complex array of advising and academic support services and programs.



WSU’s Business Administration department faculty is always available to guide you through your course of study and help you build new leadership and team skills. We will help you create strong connections between classes and the business world through field experiences, case studies, research opportunities and internships.

Student Clubs

You will also have an opportunity to pursue your academic and career interests through participation in a variety of student clubs and organizations.


Student Resource Center

The Student Resource Center is an office where students, staff, faculty, parents or visitors can ask questions and find out a variety of valuable information. The Student Resource Center is entirely staffed by student experts who attend the university. The friendly staff has an excellent understanding of the university and the surrounding community.

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