Time & Leave Reporting Procedure


Non-Exempt employees are responsible for accurate and timely reporting of hours worked and leave time taken.  Employees are required to complete biweekly electronic timesheets.

Exempt employees are responsible for accurately and timely reporting leave time taken. Employees are required to complete electronic leave requests.

It is recognized that these exempt employees are responsible for managing and accounting for their own hours of work and that they may work hours in excess of the normal work day and/or payroll period and may make adjustments in hours of work in subsequent work days and/or payroll periods, provided such time management system does not result in overtime payment or guarantee hour- for-hour time off for extra hours worked. Exempt employees should work with supervisors to discuss whether the position has flexibility for reporting to work at specific times.

Electronic timesheets do not replace the regular communication between employees and supervisors regarding their schedule, work time, overtime and time off.

Salary and benefit eligibility including exempt or non-exempt status are determined by Human Resources staff. 


Supervisors are responsible for accurate and timely submission of the timesheets by their employees and will review and approve the time reported for accuracy, completeness, and adherence with collective bargaining agreements before submitting to payroll. Supervisors will submit timesheets on their employee’s behalf if needed to ensure timely payment and will complete follow-up for accuracy.

Supervisors will provide electronic timesheet training to new employees and will evaluate need for and assist in providing access to computers, printers, and basic computer skills training.

Supervisors are responsible for designating an alternate supervisor and establishing the routing option for approval in their absence.



Supervisor approved electronic timesheets are due by 9am Monday before pay period end date of Tuesday. Payroll calendars are available on the Employee Self Service website.

Payroll may route to next level supervisor for approval if needed to meet deadlines.

Timesheet “lockout” will occur at the eTimesheet biweekly deadline of Monday at 9am. Once “lockout” occurs changes can be made if the employee’s supervisor emails the Payroll Office with request to unlock. Please include employee’s name and pay period of change. Payroll will unlock the timesheet allowing the employee to enter change and supervisor to approve the change. Changes will be processed next on-cycle payroll following supervisor’s approval.

Payroll staff reviews each timesheet for accuracy and appropriateness under collective bargaining agreements, plans and other regulatory authority.