Faculty & Staff Travel

A Travel Request form must be submitted for all University travel. This approval is also needed before any pre-purchases can be made such as airline tickets or conference registrations.

International travel requires Dean, Provost and President approval.

  • Travel Request form should be submitted 10 days prior to departure
  • Supervisor approval is required
  • If using multiple Cost Centers, indicate the amount to be charged to each one
  • To view the status of your submitted Travel Request forms, go to the My Submitted Forms tab in WarriorSpace

Submit a Travel Request Form

All airline tickets must be purchased through the Business Office. Employees will not be reimbursed for tickets purchased individually.

  • Make your airline reservations as early as possible
  • Research options using online websites to find flights that will work within your schedule and budget
  • Contact the travel director for securing flights
    • Need name as it appears on your driver’s license or passport
    • Date of birth
    • Phone number to contact while traveling
  • Employees must not accept any airline benefits for personal use. Airline benefits include cash payments, discount coupons, free tickets or frequent flyer mileage. Any sort of compensation to passengers who have been delayed or as rewards for frequent trips with a specific airline may not be accepted.
Employees are encouraged to utilize the WSU Motor Pool whenever practical. Requests are processed through Facilities online vehicle reservation system. 

Enterprise/National has a contract with the State of Minnesota for rental vehicles used for state business travel. Both Enterprise Rent-a-Car (Parent Company) and National Car Rental may be used under this contract. Due to the high liability exposure for the service of this contract, it is recommended that state agencies use this contract. An exception would be granted based on rental availability. “First call” should be to Enterprise. Contact National only if Enterprise is unavailable to provide a rental. Below are a few highlights to keep in mind.

  • Possess a valid driver's license.
  • Must be an employee of the State of Minnesota.
  • Driver approval is required. (Rental vehicles are an extension of the campus motor pool.)
  • Driver must be 18 years of age or older and must be 21 years of age if renting and operating ten- to 12-passenger vehicles. Under no circumstances may individuals who are not state employees drive the vehicles.
  • Use corresponding corporate account ID numbers (in-state rentals: N25415 or out-of-state rentals: XZ19113) when making the reservation to ensure contracted rates are applied.
  • Renting for state business purposes only. No personal rentals allowed.
  • Extra costs for add-on devices or equipment, such as GPS, are not approved expenses.
  • Insurance is included in the contract.

See contract for more detailed information.

If another vendor is required, it is highly recommended the employee purchase the liability and physical damage insurance coverage offered by the rental company.

In the event of an accident involving a collision or comprehensive damage with a rental vehicle, immediate notification must be made to the employee's supervisor or agency contact. The agency contact must notify the Department of Administration, Risk Management Division. This notification must be given regardless of fault.

Procedures to Reserve Vehicles

Enterprise Rent-a-Car:
Rentals originating in Winona or other In-State rentals: Contact 507.454.4462 corporate account number N25415 or identify yourself as a Winona State University employee. Be sure to check the locations hours of service. Rentals originating in Winona can be processed on a purchase order, paid for individually (and seek reimbursement), or charged to your WSU individual travel credit card.

Rentals originating out-of-State: Contact 1.800.RENT.A.CAR (1.800.736.8222) or at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Reference corporate account number XZ19113 and be sure to check the locations hours of service. The renter will pay for these rentals at the time the vehicle is obtained with either a personal credit card (and seek reimbursement) or an agency travel credit card. Direct bill/purchase order is not accepted.

National Car Rental:
(Secondary only if Enterprise is unable to provide car rental) 1-800-CAR-RENT (1-800-227-7368) or at National Rental Car. For reservations, reference contract ID XZ19113 and decline participation in the Emerald Club. Be sure to check the locations service hours. The renter will pay for these rentals at the time the vehicle is obtained with either a personal credit card (and seek reimbursement) or an agency travel credit card. Direct bill/purchase order is not accepted.

The use of personal vehicles for University business is allowable but the driver’s auto insurance would be primary if there is an incident. It is highly recommended to use a State Motor Pool or State rental vehicle whenever transporting individuals for University business.
  • Reimbursement will be for actual miles traveled using the most direct route
  • Reimbursement will be from your primary work location or your residence, whichever is closer to your destination
  • If you choose to drive instead of fly to your destination, you will be reimbursed at the lowest possible airfare, instead of mileage reimbursement. Contact Travel Director to obtain an airfare quote, which is calculated using at least a two week advance purchase price ticket
  • Commonly traveled destinations
  • Complete an Expense Report (Excel) for reimbursement
AmTrak can be purchased through the Business Office or by the individual. Train, bus and taxi fares are all reimbursable expenses.
  • Legal Counsel has reminded agencies they must use licensed lodging facilities when conducting authorized Minnesota State Colleges and University business. This includes all employees, students and any other individuals authorized to travel or be reimbursed for allowable expenses. The use of AirB&B, VRBO and similar properties, are not recommended as the license status is unable to be determined. 
  • Upgrades are not allowed
  • Employees offered travel benefits/reward points by lodging facilities must not accept these benefits for personal use. Make sure your receipt does not have a member/account number listed and that you were not awarded any credit towards your stay
  • Select a reasonably priced facility and always request the State/Government rate when making lodging arrangements
  • Employees are responsible for paying for their own lodging and seek reimbursement. Visit the reimbursement page for more information. 
You may not use a purchase order or a direct billing method to pay for a conference registration fee. You must pay the fee and be reimbursed OR the fee may be purchased by the Travel Director on the WSU travel credit card. 



  • A travel advance is used for individuals who wish to receive the funds for their trip prior to leaving. It may be obtained if the estimated expenses for the trip are greater than $50.00.
  • Advances pay on the paycheck prior to departure.
  • To receive a travel advance, you must submit a travel request form (PDF) and an Expense Report (Excel) form at least three weeks prior to the trip.
  • The amount of the advance should not include any expenses that will be prepaid by the university.
  • A traveler may not have more than one outstanding travel advance
  • The advance must be settled by submitting an Expense Report (Excel) with appropriate receipts and documentation within five (5) days of returning from the trip. Advances not settled within 28 days of return date will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck in their entirety in accordance with appropriate payroll deduction procedures.