Holiday Eligibility & Calculations

As a supervisor utilizing eTimesheets, it is your responsibility to review employee timesheets for accuracy and adherence with collective bargaining agreements regarding holiday pay before submitting to payroll. In doing so, please refer to the guide from MnSCU for a quick reference of which sections of the applicable bargaining unit contract to review.

Holiday Eligibility Quick Tips for Supervisors

  • Temporary MAPE employees are not eligible for holiday pay.
  • Temporary AFSCME employees are eligible for holiday pay only if their assignment exceeds 67 working days. Contact HR with questions.
  • Employees must be in “pay status” the scheduled work day before and the scheduled work day after the holiday to receive holiday pay.
  • Pay status means working, taking vacation, sick leave, comp time or other paid leave.

Holiday Calculation Quick Tips for Supervisors

  • All part-time employees have their holiday pay prorated according to the terms of the applicable bargaining unit.
  • Calculating AFSCME and MAPE employees requires averaging the hours the employee worked over the last 3 pay periods and referring to the appropriate appendix.
  • Enter the hours used to calculate average in the Comment section of eTimesheet
    • Example:  
    • Pay period 1: 48 hours worked
    • Pay period 2: 62 hours worked
    • Pay period 3: 58 hours worked
      • 168 hours divided by 3 pay periods = 56 hours average
      • Under Comments section:   48+62+58=56 average
  • Calculating MNA and MMA employees requires referring only to the hours worked in the current pay period containing the holiday.

AFSCME Holiday Coding Quick Tips

  • HOL = holiday
  • OTR = cash overtime paid at time and a half
  • C15  = comp overtime banked at time and a half
  • HVC = non-pay hours banked to vacation at straight time
  • HCT = non-pay hours banked to comp time at straight time
  • If holiday falls on scheduled day off, hours are banked to vacation or comp time.  
  • List eligible holiday hours as HVC or HCT.
  • If employee works holiday is paid cash overtime and wants to observe holiday at a later time, holiday hours are added to vacation or comp time bank.           
  • List hours worked as OTR and list eligible holiday hours as HVC or HCT.
  • If employee works holiday and does not want to observe holiday on another day, overtime hours are either cash overtime or comp overtime.  
  • List eligible holiday hours as HOL and list hours worked as OTR or C15.