Receipt Policy

Employees are required to submit itemized paid receipts for all expenses, except meals. Students are required to submit itemized receipts for all purchases, including meals. If the vendor is using a “square” device to process your payment, be sure to obtain the required receipt information; name and address of vendor, date of purchase, detailed description of purchase and amount paid. Collect a business card from the vendor whenever possible.

It is the employee's responsibility to obtain and submit the correct receipts. 

For example, a hotel receipt MUST include:
  • Name and address of the hotel
  • Dates the employee stayed
  • Detailed description and amount of each item charged, such as lodging, tax, internet, etc
  • Total amount and date paid by the employee

Itemized Receipts

The first detailed source document issued to the employee that is marked, by the vendor, indicating that the bill or invoice was paid. It must include the name and address of the vendor, date(s), detailed list of items, total amount, date paid and vendor signature. A vendor signature is required when an employee purchases an item, but there is no documentation of payment received.

Lost Receipts

If a receipt is lost, the agency must require the employee to obtain a duplicate receipt, if possible, in order to be reimbursed.