Student Travel

Club Travel

Official permission to be in travel status must be made by completing the WSU Student & Club Organization Travel Plan and Roster Form (PDF) available online and submitted to the appropriate advisor for approval.
Reimbursements need to be submitted on the Student Reimbursement form (PDF) and delivered to the Business Office within five days of return travel.

Winona State University compliance with the Clery Act is required as a state institution. Per the Clery Act, we must record all University sponsored student travel (including student club and organization trips and academic trips). This includes any student overnight travel funded by the University, regardless of the amount of funding provided.

Review The WSU Clery Act Student Travel form prior to your departure. This form is designed to be completed upon your return and requires specific information about the trip (including hotel/resort name, address, room/lodge number). The completed form is due 7 days after you return from the trip. If the form is not completed, your reimbursement requests may be affected

Any club requesting assistance with travel must be sure the budget or cash balance of the group account is sufficient to cover the expenses of the trip.  Funds must be in the club account before the Business Office can assist with any reservations.
  • Check with the vendor if they accept a purchase order for payment. If that option is not acceptable, check if the vendor will they accept a University check upon arrival.
  • In either case, submit a 1400 form (PDF) listing the vendor and complete details of the payment to be made by Winona State.
  • If neither option is allowed, students will have to seek reimbursement for the expenses after the event.
Your club advisor may request a cash advance for the club by submitting the Cash Advance Request for Student Club & Organization Travel (PDF). This must be submitted to the Business Office no later than five days prior to the event. Cash Advance Settlement form (PDF) must be submitted within five business days of trip completion to close out the advance.

    Student Travel Grant Funding

    Information regarding student travel grant funding is available from the Grants and Sponsored Projects Office (Maxwell 161) or the Business Office (Somsen 106).