What to Do if Your Card is Lost or Stolen

Report stolen or lost cards to the Campus Card Office or after hours to WSU Security - Sheehan Hall.
Lock your card at either of the locations above or using your Manage My ID account.
Notify the Library — students may be liable for books checked out under their card.

Note: Students who lock their cards will not have access to their meal plans. Contact Bruce Bechtle, Director of Dining Services (phone: 507.457.5505) to request a temporary eating pass. 

If you don’t find your card, you will need to visit the Campus Card Office to request a replacement ID immediately. The cost of a replacement ID is $20.

Report a Lost Card

When a student loses their card, they can lock their own card using their Manage My ID account by simply clicking on “Report a Lost Card” and then  clicking “Submit.” This will prevent the card from being used.

Report a Found Card Screenshot

Report a Found Card

If the student finds their card, they can click on “Report a Found Card” and then click “Submit.” This enters their card back in an Active Status for use.
Found Card Screenshot