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  • Chemistry Databases (including all ACS journals, ChemVillage, CRC Handbooks, and Elsevier's ScienceDirect)

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References and Handbooks

  • Search Chem Abstracts. STN Easy (Chemistry Dept account number and password required)
  • ChemIDPlus. New site from the National Library of Medicine provides detailed toxicity data for 139,000 common compounds. Also returns structure, molecular weight, and physical properties.
  • eMolecules structure searching site - (the site formerly know as CHMOOGLE)
  • Database of IR and Mass Spectra. NIST Chemistry WebBook
  • Database of Mass, IR, ESR, and NMR Spectra: NIMCR's ISDBS for Organic Compounds
  • Look up physical constants on-line: CambridgeSoft's ChemFinder 
  • Directory of chemical suppliers and database of chemicals for drug discovery http//Search the on-line Aldrich Catalog: Sigma-Aldrich Product Search
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs): SIRI MSDS  and Avantor 
  • Reaxys and Molinspiration: Render 3D molecules and predict bioactivity.
  • PubChem (Available only to the WSU Community)
  • PubMed (Available only to the WSU Community)