chemistry student working in fume hood

Programs of Study


The Chemistry Department offers seven different programs:

Each of these programs leads to a Bachelor of Science degree, which equips graduates for employment and prepares them for advanced study in chemistry and related areas.

Programs that include “ACS” in the title have met the guidelines established and approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Graduates of these programs will be certified by ACS as professional chemists.

Course Planning

Some upper-level courses are not offered every year. CHEM majors are required to take CHEM 451 (Advanced Inorganic Chemistry II) which is offered every even-numbered spring, beginning Spring 2014.

CHEC majors are required to take CHEM 436 (Topics in Environmental Chemistry) which is offered every odd-numbered spring and CHMC majors are required to take CHEM 411 (Synthesis and Characterization of Materials) which is offered every odd-numbered spring.

Transfer Students

If you plan to transfer to Winona State University to pursue a degree in the chemistry department, please see our transfer student information which outlines courses you will need prior to transferring.


The Chemistry Department advises students in several pre-professional sequences that are not degree programs (e.g., major or minor) at WSU.

These sequences are intended to prepare students for careers in medicine, veterinary work, dentistry, forensics and more.

View a complete list of pre-professional sequences offered by WSU as well as the required and recommended coursework for each pre-professional track: Requirements for Admission to Professional Programs Post Graduation (PDF) (updated January 2020).


The Chemistry Department offers three different minors: