Family Resources

The WSU Children’s Center mission supports a strong connection between home and school practices. We intentionally create relationships to support family engagement in the following ways:

  • Formal and informal exchange of information with parents through scheduled conferences, center-wide emails and quarterly newsletter and parent education events
  • Access to WSU and community resources
  • Children’s Center social events: Winter Dance, Family BINGO, Fall and Spring picnics and more!

See the Parent Handbook (PDF) for more detailed information.

The Parent Advisory Council provides a mutually supportive partnership between WSU Children’s Center staff and families.

The PAC meets once a month. We encourage representation from each of our locations and classrooms to engage multiple points of view. The purpose of PAC is trifold:

  1. Support: Membership on the PAC is a way that parents/guardians can support teachers and the Children’s Center in a collaborative environment.
  2. Communication: The PAC is a forum for program focused additional communication with between teachers and/or administration, outside of the classroom; where parent/guardian perspectives from each classroom can be represented, and deeper relationships can develop through our collective work.
  3. Collaboration: Parents/guardians and staff will collaborate in by organizing fundraisers, family events, faculty appreciation events, parent volunteer days, and advising on policy recommendations.


Meetings are open to all members of the WSU Children’s Center community. Membership includes a parent/guardian representative from each classroom, the Center director and a rotation of professional teachers attending each meeting. All families are welcome to add items to the monthly agenda and minutes will be posted after each monthly meeting.

For more information on the Parent Advisory Council please contact or call 507.457.2300.

The Student Parent Support Initiative program is a support community for student parents with children enrolled in the WSU Children’s Center. Eligible student parents receive financial and social support to persist in school and sustain a healthy balance between work, school, home and family life.

The WSU Children’s Center welcomes community volunteers to share time and talent in the classroom. All volunteer relationships to be coordinated through the Children's Center main office and a DHS Background Study must be on file.

CHOICES is a program that supports financially eligible families with young children in Winona County.

CHOICES coordinator, Debra Hammel maintains an office on the WSU Campus:
Lourdes Hall Rm G45
457 Gould St. Winona, MN 55987