Admissions Requirements

In order to be accepted into the CLS programs at Winona State University, prospective CLS majors must first complete several admissions requirements.

Admissions into the CLS programs at WSU are highly competitive. In preparation for entrance into the CLS program, high school students should complete rigorous college preparatory courses. High school students interested in Clinical Lab Science may be interested in the traditional option (CLS).

A Bachelor of Science degree requires a number of General Education semester hours designed to enrich the educational experience and prepare students to become active members of a global economy and society. 

Prior to Fall 2011, the WSU undergraduate programs required 46 Universal Studies semester hours.

Beginning Fall 2011, the WSU undergraduate programs will require a minimum of 47 General Education semester hours.
Some of the General Education credits may transfer from other institutions.  The student’s DARS (Degree Audit Report System) report and individual transcripts are reviewed to determine which courses will transfer.