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Clinical Laboratory Science Programs

The traditional way to earn a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) is to enter into a full time, four year program. Over the years, an additional pathway, the CLS Completion Program, was created at WSU to give working adults, employed as Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT), the opportunity to continue working while they seek a CLS degree and career advancement.

Winona State University (WSU) provides two educational options for obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science: The traditional CLS Program option and the CLS Completion Program option. Both options prepare the students for the national certification exam administered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

  • Traditional Option (CLS) – This program requires three years of general studies and pre-professional required courses at a university followed by one year of clinical experience at an affiliated hospital CLS/MLS program that integrates theory and laboratory practice.
  • Completion Option (CLSC) – This option provides an alternative to the 3+1 Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) program. It is designed for certified Medical Laboratory Technicians seeking degree-completion and career advancement. This program is frequently offered part-time, allowing the student to continue working.

What other degrees related to the Clinical Laboratory profession are offered at WSU?
Other Biology and pre-professional options offered at Winona State University include Allied Health, Cell and Molecular, Life Science (teaching), Pre-dentistry, Pre-medicine and others.