All University Emails

WSU’s University Communications supports the university community with the distribution of information and works to enhance the image of the institution and its members. Any student, employee, or club may request an alluniversity or allstudents email. These emails, however, are reserved for critical communications. The majority of event-based information is redirected to WSU Update and the WSU Events Calendar. The University Communications office will use its discretion on which information qualifies for this level of promotion. Requests must be submitted in a ready-to-send format and subjected to light editing by the University Communications staff.


Note: Because of security concerns and mailbox size limitations, attachments are not permitted. Hyperlinks are encouraged.

There is a limit of two emails per event or announcement based on necessity.

Any employee has access to send an email to all other employees (faculty, staff, administrators) via

When sending an an allemployee email, senders must BCC the address list in their address box.


Criteria for:

AllUniversity Email:

  • Must be pertinent to all members of the WSU community (faculty, staff and students)
  • Vital Communication (including Sever Weather)
  • Crisis Communication

AllStudent Email:

  • Must be pertinent to a majority of the WSU student body (at least 50 percent)

For more information on all available news promotions, visit the WSU Communications Homepage.