Welcome Faculty and Staff

The Winona State University Communications Office supports the internal and external communications needs of the campus. Services include:
  • Campus communications, including WSU Update, WSU Events Calendar, and web-based communications (Review the Internal Marketing Toolkit for ideas on how best to get the word out on campus)
  • Publicity for special guests and events
  • News releases about department initiatives, faculty research and academic activities
  • Recognition of achievements, academic honors and other outstanding accomplishments by students, faculty and staff
  • Archive services of WSU news stories, campus and event photos, and faculty headshots
  • Media training and interview assistance
  • On-campus poster distribution
  • Photography services 

Information appropriate for a news release or publicity request includes:

  • Information that is new, visual, of public interest, unusual and/or extraordinary.
  • On-campus events open to the public, including theatre, music, art, guest lecturers, etc.
  • Academic activities, such as new majors or programs, seminars and workshops open to the public, outreach programs, and scholarship news
  • Special activities, like Homecoming, Commencement, Alumni Reunions, etc.
  • Student achievement news, such as dean’s list recipients and graduates, notable scholarships and fellowships

Any student, employee or club may request a news release to publicize WSU related events. We want to hear about any events, developments or activities involving WSU. Not all requests merit promotion in all venues, but our objective is to work with you to find the appropriate vehicle for your announcement or event.