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Please peruse the internship information provided for a detailed explanation of the internship process. You may also visit our internship WordPress site.

Internships give you the opportunity to gain real life experience and a potential step into a professional career. Learn how Morgan Jacobus leveraged her internship and turned it into her first professional position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to friends and family. Talk to recent graduates. Come to events where we host alumni or ask us about alumni contacts. Check career-related sites for job postings in your area of interest (such as public relations, human relations or marketing, for instance) and contact these businesses to inquire if they also have internships. Often, if a company can't find the right candidate for a job, you can fill the spot temporarily as an intern or assist the person currently covering the job. Search the Yellow Pages for communication-related companies in the cities where you are interested in finding an internship. Look at our internship board outside PAC 215.

We believe your best experiences and best chances of success come when you initiate an internship contact that is of interest to you. Additionally, the internship search process is a great warm-up for the job search process you will have to embark on after graduation.

  1. You must first contact a site supervisor and make arrangements for the internship and get an email (or letter) from your site supervisor confirming the internship and describing your duties.
  2. Then, you must complete an internship proposal form. See Dr. Lepper for details about the proposal.
  3. Once your internship is approved, Dr. Lepper will do an electronic override to allow you into the course.
  4. Then, you must complete assignments, which are laid out in the Internship Packet, available in the hallway across from PAC 215 or from Dr. Lepper. Generally, these include, but are not limited to, journals, a final paper and an internship meet and greet. You will also be able to access all of the assignments online in D2L when you are registered.

We have meetings once each fall and spring semester. Check with Dr. Tammy Swenson-Lepper or meet with her one-on-one to find out when the next meeting is planned.