Jin Xu

Educational Background
Ph.D. Bowling Green State University (1999-2005)
M.Sc. Bowling Green State University (2001-2002)
M.A. Southwest-China Normal University, Chongqing, P.R. China (1993-1995)
Certificate, The University of Leeds, Leeds, Great Britain (1986-1987)
B.A. Changsha Tiedao University, Changsha, P.R. China (1978-1982)

Personal Statement/Interests
I joined the faculty at Winona State University in fall 2004. I pursued educational opportunities and professional developments in China, Great Britain, and the United States. I am happy to call Minnesota home. Here at WSU, I enjoy working with students in classrooms and exercising like students in the Gym. I like to travel to various places during winter and summer breaks.

Some of the Courses I Taught
CMST 281 Intercultural Communication
CMST 282 Introduction to Communication
CMST 291 Asian American Communication
CMST 357 Social Media Communication
CMST 380 Communication Research Methods
CMST 381 Advanced Intercultural Communication
CMST 389 Persuasive Communication and Advocacy
CMST 451 Culture and Social Media
CMST 451 Internet Communication