What can you do with a communication studies degree?

What Jobs Can I Get With a Degree in Communication Studies?

What kind of jobs can you get with this degree?  We have alumni who work in training and development, human resources, public relations and marketing, sales, management – any occupation where you need to have a diverse set of skills and the ability to learn on the job is likely to be a good fit for a communication studies major (check www.monster.com or www.careerbuilder.com and see how many jobs mention communication as a required skill or recommended degree!). See what you can do with a communication degree.

How many credits does it take to be a Communication Studies (CMST) major?  Forty-five, in combination with a required minor (the Communication Arts and Literature teaching major offered through both CMST and English does not require a minor).  Your choice of minor depends on the type of career you want to pursue.  Minors often chosen include management, sociology, social work, mass communication, and marketing.

What Will You Do in Your Communication Studies Classes?

In our department, you can choose from three major options:  General Communication, Leadership and Advocacy, and Organizational Communication.  You can also choose between two minors: General Communication Studies and Intercultural Communication (remember you cannot take both a major and minor in the same department).  Regardless of your choice, you will have lots of opportunities to take classes that fit your special area of interest!
If you major in Communication Studies, our program has established six program-level student learning outcomes (SLOs) as follows:
1.    Students should be able to deliver effective public presentations
2.    Students should be able to critique communication behavior effectively.
3.    Students should be able to recognize and explain diverse perspectives on communication.
4.    Students should be able to analyze real-world issues from a communication-based perspective.
5.    Students should be able to apply communication research findings both within and outside the classroom.
6.    Students should be able to conduct semi-independent research in communication studies.
Our goal is to have you demonstrate high proficiency in all of these areas by the time you graduate!